Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Vincent designed another christmas card and i think this one is just sooooo adorable! this time he only needed 2 hours to create this... clap2 ...

Christmas Card for Vincent

 Just when he thought i didnt make him any card this year, voila, this is for you dear... =)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Santa baby

The whole time i was making this card i sing "Santa Baby" song over and over's crazy... -_-'
This will be the last xmas card for this year. 
Merry Christmas 2012 ! New year is coming soon, 
and i cant wait to shout: I SURVIVE 2012 !

May christmas lights brigten up your days !




Yes we do take an effort to try every angle when taking pictures of each card.. and i think this one is pretty good... the winter snowflake around the sliding chick is made out of this die (memory box) . gorgeous.!

Vincent's design


Yeap.. it's that time of the year again when Vincent and I will exchange christmas card, and this time he took two days and lots of materials gone to waste lol to create this card~ nevertheles... love it so much and i will cherish his effort and the laughter we shared~



Just got the martha stewart punch (Garden trellis) . love the punch so much it's just made the card is very refreshing and beautiful... <3

Birthday Card

This card is an actual 2D size of an Iphone 5. A request from a fancy friend... hahahahah !


Congratulations - Wedding card !

Made with lots of love wishes to Ageta and Melie (16-12-12). 
I was proud to be their maid of matron and
had so much fun seeing the whole wedding process in close up!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Thanks - big time

A friend who recently got married asked if i could create 6 ThankYou cards for her bridesmaids and bestmen. I took the offer and this is what i create for them. She loves them ! great ! So glad she liked them. I enjoy sanding the embossed paper.. vincent gave me sand paper, i got my little desk so dirty due to the sanding process but it was worth it.. !


Thursday, 6 December 2012

December dear : Christmas Cheer !

 I've been wanting to get cameo machine for few months now, but since i'm jobless (read: no more 9-5 job, hooray! husband pay for my living expenses), i try to follow the rule of money management: earn before you spend! So i try selling the cards that i create and see if i could earn cameo with it ! but for now, i could spend $ for other scrapbooking stuff like cardstocks, dies, ink, etc, right..husbie? :p. he sigh and said yes.

Close up:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DECEMBER dear...

December is finally here

If some of you are happy because of the winter, here in Asia, i'm very happy of the rainy season. 
Well we dont play rain like playing snow, but i love the sounds of the rain, how everyone's acitivity become slower, temperature drops, just staying at home enjoying a cup of tea or hot noodles .. yum ! 

Anyway, finally started Christmas card of the year, i got the inspiration from "the creation of creativity" blog (link on the right panel).  Thanks for your wonderful work as an inspiration! 

 for sale 
inquire by email to

Mini Album - The Wedding Trail

This mini album contains of activities i did before the wedding day - family vacation, pre-wedding photos, gown fitting, hens days in Krabi, and friends gathering... and also, confessions of why me and vincent love each other, written on notes - he thinks it's cheesy but whatever !

I used instagram for all the photos, so colours are tweaked - enjoy !

It's a pity that nowadays we dont send cards to each other anymore,
we text and email... I still love expressing my love with cards..
When I get cards, i see how personalized a card is, i'm pretty sure each person picks a card with a thought: "ah, this one suits him/her", or "this one is soooo her!" 
I keep my cards in a box, and everytime i open the box and read them again, they always make me smile and brings back memories...
it's nice...

<3 this one is my mum's 50th birthday card. This year i was at home when we celebrated her birthday. Something that i had not done for many years since i left home. So it's definitely a year to remember for her and for me. 

love you mum.  


Flourishing Hearts

I made this card for Vincent's 26th birthday in october (yeap late post!) ... it's called flourishing hearts to show how he really has been taking care of my heart that it flourish beautifully... 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mr & Mrs

A request from a dear friend, a wedding wish card. It's always a challenge to make a wedding card for me.. But i enjoy this card so much, beautiful and elegant. Always feel bad whenever my camera cant get the colour out of it. Or maybe it's just my camera skill, whatever, hahah, Bleh!Click the image to view in better resolution..

The Materials I used for this. 

Have a great day!!! 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Life's good

Hello besties, Yes it's been forever since i updated the blog. Life's good here back in my parents place, spending time with them before I'm "given away" to my fiance in october! 

I'm so glad i quit my job and to be here, i wouldnt trade this time for anything else...

Anyway, I made this card yesterday... Really simple and feminime. This card is suitable for mum, a close relative or long distance friend. Took this picture with instagram, so yeah the colour is tweaked by the program, but i cant get my hands off that software ! 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Back in 2010!

I was browsing through my old pictures, and found these pictures that i thought i want to share...

Back in 2010, I made these birthday mini album for charmaine's birthday.
The album consists of 6 pages so we get our own page to write our wishes.

I remembered I was enjoying the process of looking up for panda pictures, bamboos, black and white theme... And Vincent was working with advertisement company at that time, so he managed to produce some stickers for this project. awesome.

The cover. Panda face....

When she opened the page, voilla... it's actually us holding baloons/branches on a boat. I drew this pictures on a transparent stickers (Supplied by Vincent) then paste it onto the mini album. I think i used Sharpie to draw. I got the inspiration of this drawing from google images.. couldnt retrieve the drawings now.. but.. i'm pretty sure it's out there...

This page was my wishes. Flowery. hahah. so me!

Next is Husna's dizzy wishes. She loves doing this! even until now! lol..

Jacklyn has her style too, very neat and lovely.

Sudar and her never ending love with colour pencil and stickers.

Jing Yan's page with her naughty expression of chipmunks. haha!

And the last cover Vincent made this piano stickers.

Well besties, that's all for today, have a great day and thanks for visiting!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hello Besties! Here's a card that i recently made for our Pastor who counselled us in our church's premarital program. Vincent gave me a scallop die from nestabilities (mix and match) which I used it for this card. They are awesome !

Crashing at Athalia's place today... we have a lot to catch up!
That's all for today, have a great day and thank you for visiting !