Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hi friends! happy new year 2012 !!!  i'm so excited for what 2012 will bring. so many plans, so many ideas to be realized! here's a toast for you. may this be the year of abundance for all of us !

Meanwhile, will post more later when ii have recovered from the flu.
Take care !!

Signing off...

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hi friends! 
Today is the last day for me to make christmas cards for this year.. I hope I havent missed any one (after all the last minute recalls!) It's been sooo fun making all the Christmas cards and i feel sad that Christmas season has to pass.... :(  However, i cant wait for the next celebration which is valentine's day! Will start collecting stamps, cardstocks and maybe some embossing folder and die cuts!

Here are the rest of the cards that i made: 

I made this card for Athalia.. totally in love with the christmas tree paper folds i learnt from youtube.

I just cant keep my eyes off this card, so beautiful!

A new die cut i bought yesterday. it's from Tim holtz edge die cut. I've been wanting a scalloped edge for sometime now, and it's really awesome!

This is just so adorable. Printed the sotong from a website and then ink it to make it cuter. The embossed background is also very catchy. I realized that distress ink "wild honey" mixes very well with "shabby shutters".

Btw, i forgot to mention that my fiance gave me this for our 2nd year anniversary combined with Christmas gift. lol. I was soo thrilled and happy! I have used it to emboss and die cut some of the cards and I'm having so muchhhhh fun with them! :D. 

Ok folks, that's all for now, i have one more xmas card to show but i cant publish it first before it reaches to Karen in U.S, otherwise if she sees this blog it wont be a surprise anymore :p 

-> here's the card i made for her. 
Thanks for visiting, enjoy your holiday!!

Sunday, 25 December 2011


My  good goood friend from the lab celebrated her XX birthday in december, she's pursuing her PhD now and this year has been a very tough year for her, so i thought i wanted to do something super special for her. I made her a tnt box. why is it called TNT? u need to watch the video to understand hehehe. I enjoyed making this birthday gift for her. it was very tedious and since i need to decorate at least 12 sides of the box, i had to look for fresh inspiration from everywhere. books, utube, blogs, people... phew! But in the end it was worth it because she loves it alot and she was enjoying her birthday. 

More Xmas Cards!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! 
The wedding last night was very wonderful, had a good indian feast! Met two new friends and had a good chat with them. I thought i would stay only for awhile there, turned out i stayed for 3 hours! :) 

Anyway, here's another card that i made for Joan. Will send this to Jakarta through snailmail. 

A gatefold card for Joan. =)

I hope she will like this pink colour, i think it's very cute and sweet. Just like the recipient! 

Next is a window card. I will give this to one of my colleagues. 

A window card for a colleague.

A month ago, it was Charmaine's birthday, i made her an accordion card that 8 people can write her birthday wishes. It was so fun ! I love this one! especially with the touch of the ribbons, it's just soooo lovely! Too bad i dont have more pictures for this one, but basically the card looks like accordion when u open it.
Accordion card for Charmaine

Still a month ago, one of our research team turned 28. He's a Mass Spectrometry expert and he loves that machine so much. So to make his card, i need to mix science with celebration theme. and this what i came up with. 
This card shows a basic principle of Mass Spec triple quad. I chose this background because I thought of comparing the machine with other tools around us but i wish i had a background with guy's stuff like drills, hammer etc. However, this is what i had in my stash.

Friday, 23 December 2011


I am invited to my colleague's sister's wedding tomorrow (yes her wedding is in Christmas day!). So i decided to make her a congratulations card. This card required a lot of work -- carving the flower pattern ! but i enjoyed it alot.

I used the dark purple on top of the white card because that's her wedding invitation colour. I think the flower pattern is just so lovely and feminine.  Working with vellum is not easy. Learnt some lessons from this card. Ha Ha!

I hope she will like that card... And another thing i need to keep in mind, I REALLY NEED TO START COLLECTING SENTIMENTS STAMPS. After writing "merry xmas" in previous card (Sasa and Davis) and "congratulations" for this card, i agree that my handwriting is kinda bad.. haha!
Hi Friends!

Here's another one I made for Lukas - my lab mate. He's a bit down for not being able to go back to Switzerland for Xmas, so I made him a spinner card. =)

When he tilts the card, the small Xmas tree will roll ... it's so cute! Hope it will cheer him up a little bit. The stamp that i used is soooo for him "Be good for goodness sake", because he always bully me in the lab! haha!
Did stitching for the first time, learnt my lesson not to poke holes in an uneven foam mat :p but that's ok... I can live with this imperfection for now. Also it shows that the card is handmade.

The next card is for Sasa and Davis. This one looks simple, but in fact, it required many, many, alterations. The card ended up looking very different with what I have planned (I usually sketch my plan first). =p

Colour coordination is the first problem.. =( I used copic marker to colour the wreath initially, but Vincent said it's too "neon"?? So I switched to water-colour. It looks great until I face another problem with the embossing technique. The fade colour of ink (it was only the light pink colour) wouldn't show the embossed candy cane. So I added a darker colour of ink (the red stripes), but this made the wreath looked so pale. Again, I had to add another layer of water-colour... what you see is the furthest it can get. And then there's another problem..but it would just make this captions go onnn and onnn and onnn... haha! BUT in the end, the card turns out alright. I love it, the eyelet really made a difference ;)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas is around the corner

Christmas is around the corner. My fiance came to visit me a few days ago. Sadly, he went back to Indonesia today... but, I now have plenty of time to start writing this blog! It is about this super special Xmas card I made for him... =)

I fell in love instantly with this cardstock. It has a Christmas-y theme, vintage colour, classic pictures on it, and a soft shimmery look. It's just so awesome!!
I browsed through Youtube to get ideas on what kind of card I should make for him, and I decided to make him this:

He loves it a lot! At least that's what he said, but I know he meant it... Haha! He then decided to make a card for me too. Well, he's a crafty person like me, but being a guy, he wanted to make a more challenging card. So this is what he made for me:

It's a pop out card! Isnt it lovely ??? I was amazed!!! It took him one and a half day to finish this card. Applause....

Okay peeps.. that's all for today =) I will post more Xmas cards and birthday cards that I have created for my friends.

Thanks for visiting!
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