Sunday, 25 December 2011

More Xmas Cards!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! 
The wedding last night was very wonderful, had a good indian feast! Met two new friends and had a good chat with them. I thought i would stay only for awhile there, turned out i stayed for 3 hours! :) 

Anyway, here's another card that i made for Joan. Will send this to Jakarta through snailmail. 

A gatefold card for Joan. =)

I hope she will like this pink colour, i think it's very cute and sweet. Just like the recipient! 

Next is a window card. I will give this to one of my colleagues. 

A window card for a colleague.

A month ago, it was Charmaine's birthday, i made her an accordion card that 8 people can write her birthday wishes. It was so fun ! I love this one! especially with the touch of the ribbons, it's just soooo lovely! Too bad i dont have more pictures for this one, but basically the card looks like accordion when u open it.
Accordion card for Charmaine

Still a month ago, one of our research team turned 28. He's a Mass Spectrometry expert and he loves that machine so much. So to make his card, i need to mix science with celebration theme. and this what i came up with. 
This card shows a basic principle of Mass Spec triple quad. I chose this background because I thought of comparing the machine with other tools around us but i wish i had a background with guy's stuff like drills, hammer etc. However, this is what i had in my stash.

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