Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world, Orion Ng !

My Best Friend Kaka just deliver her first baby boy!! i wish i was there to hug her and her newborn (um, maybe not a hug, just a touch in a chin.. i dont have the guts to carry a baby.. yet.. hehehehe).. So i decided to create a beautiful card for him... his name is Orion Ng, and yessss, thanks to Cameo, i can totally personalize the card !!

Again i use vinyl stickers to create the sentiments, and i found this beautiful doily files from scrapnfonts.com and Cameo cuts it beautifully!

The pattern paper for the base of the card is so cute, white dots and blue background? What a baby boy-ish ! <3 ! I hope Kaka and Jon love it and congratulation on ur newborn!

Kemuel's 2nd Burfday Party

Karen's Boy (Kemuel) is turning 2 this 25th February and I asked her what is the theme of the party, she said, "it's gonna be a moustache and a bowtie! before he could say what he wants, it's gonna be something i like" - i giggled. It's true... a boy is a boy until he is taller than you.. HAHAHAHA...

Anyway, i would love to join his party but since i am so far far away from them, i'm making 2 cards that hopefully could reach US by then (i'm giving the national post office a try) 

THEN... they can put the two cards somewhere in the party, it would fit  for one reason: i stick to the theme. Ha!

Cameo did a wonderful job, i love it ! Check out what i created for Kemuel!

The main reason that i'm so into cameo is the ability for me to personalize my sentiments... I used vinyl sticker to create the sentiments and cut it with cameo.. how awesome! In my example there, i used 24 or 25 pt of font... 

Moustache! Moustache! what a guy-ish symbol ! i think it's soooo cute...! the moustache measure 7 inch wide and 2.6 inch tall. =D.

 The 3D bowtie (pattern paper from Heidy Grace design -daydream) is soooo adorable, i found it at svgcuts.com and easily assemble the tie.. 
the look of a tux is so classy and hoping Kemuel will be a gentleman one day, wearing a classy tux and a bowtie, with a gorgeous lady =). this card is 5' by 4 1/2 inch.The pattern paper of black with white lines is from g.c.d studios "champs elyees" -paris night collection.

Let the sunshine in, face it with a glue

After few weeks of convincing Vincent to get me Cameo Silhouette, finally he gave in .... *but mostly it's because he loves me...right?* 

A generous friend did a favour of carrying it back all the way from Singapore. I was triple excited when it arrived.. So smooth, white colour, so sleek, so cool ! Arghhh i NEED to get started!!! There are many designs i would love to create, and this cameo might just able make my dreams come true!

A bright and cheerful card!!! The first cut of cameo silhouette (the perfect round circles and the tag). 

I designed the sunburst myself with the silhouette software (oh it's very simple like 1-2-3) then print it out. 
I stamped the frame with marthastewart stamp set using versamark ink, added clear embossing powders, heatset and then just ink the whole frame with blue ink using my fingers.. (yeap.. my fingers... the reason why is i used Faber Castell Finger Printing Art pads -> a friend donated it for me :D yay).  

More More More on Cameo !! 

It's your birthday, enjoy and relax!

The tea cup is a stamp from stampin' up "Tea Shoppe", and the sentiment is a stampin' up "For the birds" stamp set. The swirl is from spellbinders die cut "Floral Ovals" ... 

Happy valentine's wishes for my lovely gal !

Love how feminine this card looks!  i made this card out of the paper pack that my girlfriend sent me (Basic Grey Lucille 6x6) few weeks ago. They are gorgeous and i'm loving them and cant wait to use them! And i'm sending this card to her... it's my valentine's wishes for her xoxo. 

Love you sew much

Love you sew much.. i was on sewing mood these days... it goes very well with valentine's day...


A little bird told me ...


You make life sweet

How i love doilies, they make me obsessed with it ! This card is my first try on embossing sentiments on ribbons... it's not easy, i tried many times and it worked.. ha! lovely~