Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world, Orion Ng !

My Best Friend Kaka just deliver her first baby boy!! i wish i was there to hug her and her newborn (um, maybe not a hug, just a touch in a chin.. i dont have the guts to carry a baby.. yet.. hehehehe).. So i decided to create a beautiful card for him... his name is Orion Ng, and yessss, thanks to Cameo, i can totally personalize the card !!

Again i use vinyl stickers to create the sentiments, and i found this beautiful doily files from scrapnfonts.com and Cameo cuts it beautifully!

The pattern paper for the base of the card is so cute, white dots and blue background? What a baby boy-ish ! <3 ! I hope Kaka and Jon love it and congratulation on ur newborn!

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