Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Kemuel's 2nd Burfday Party

Karen's Boy (Kemuel) is turning 2 this 25th February and I asked her what is the theme of the party, she said, "it's gonna be a moustache and a bowtie! before he could say what he wants, it's gonna be something i like" - i giggled. It's true... a boy is a boy until he is taller than you.. HAHAHAHA...

Anyway, i would love to join his party but since i am so far far away from them, i'm making 2 cards that hopefully could reach US by then (i'm giving the national post office a try) 

THEN... they can put the two cards somewhere in the party, it would fit  for one reason: i stick to the theme. Ha!

Cameo did a wonderful job, i love it ! Check out what i created for Kemuel!

The main reason that i'm so into cameo is the ability for me to personalize my sentiments... I used vinyl sticker to create the sentiments and cut it with cameo.. how awesome! In my example there, i used 24 or 25 pt of font... 

Moustache! Moustache! what a guy-ish symbol ! i think it's soooo cute...! the moustache measure 7 inch wide and 2.6 inch tall. =D.

 The 3D bowtie (pattern paper from Heidy Grace design -daydream) is soooo adorable, i found it at svgcuts.com and easily assemble the tie.. 
the look of a tux is so classy and hoping Kemuel will be a gentleman one day, wearing a classy tux and a bowtie, with a gorgeous lady =). this card is 5' by 4 1/2 inch.The pattern paper of black with white lines is from g.c.d studios "champs elyees" -paris night collection.

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