Friday, 23 December 2011

Hi Friends!

Here's another one I made for Lukas - my lab mate. He's a bit down for not being able to go back to Switzerland for Xmas, so I made him a spinner card. =)

When he tilts the card, the small Xmas tree will roll ... it's so cute! Hope it will cheer him up a little bit. The stamp that i used is soooo for him "Be good for goodness sake", because he always bully me in the lab! haha!
Did stitching for the first time, learnt my lesson not to poke holes in an uneven foam mat :p but that's ok... I can live with this imperfection for now. Also it shows that the card is handmade.

The next card is for Sasa and Davis. This one looks simple, but in fact, it required many, many, alterations. The card ended up looking very different with what I have planned (I usually sketch my plan first). =p

Colour coordination is the first problem.. =( I used copic marker to colour the wreath initially, but Vincent said it's too "neon"?? So I switched to water-colour. It looks great until I face another problem with the embossing technique. The fade colour of ink (it was only the light pink colour) wouldn't show the embossed candy cane. So I added a darker colour of ink (the red stripes), but this made the wreath looked so pale. Again, I had to add another layer of water-colour... what you see is the furthest it can get. And then there's another problem..but it would just make this captions go onnn and onnn and onnn... haha! BUT in the end, the card turns out alright. I love it, the eyelet really made a difference ;)
Ok besties (I'm gonna call you 'besties' now since you're following "Besties Pursuit" :))... that's all for now...

I will post more later in the day! Thanks for visiting. Please do comment! Suggestions are always welcome.

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