Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas is around the corner

Christmas is around the corner. My fiance came to visit me a few days ago. Sadly, he went back to Indonesia today... but, I now have plenty of time to start writing this blog! It is about this super special Xmas card I made for him... =)

I fell in love instantly with this cardstock. It has a Christmas-y theme, vintage colour, classic pictures on it, and a soft shimmery look. It's just so awesome!!
I browsed through Youtube to get ideas on what kind of card I should make for him, and I decided to make him this:

He loves it a lot! At least that's what he said, but I know he meant it... Haha! He then decided to make a card for me too. Well, he's a crafty person like me, but being a guy, he wanted to make a more challenging card. So this is what he made for me:

It's a pop out card! Isnt it lovely ??? I was amazed!!! It took him one and a half day to finish this card. Applause....

Okay peeps.. that's all for today =) I will post more Xmas cards and birthday cards that I have created for my friends.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. mannnnnnn, you are so artistic. very lovely!!!! :D