Sunday, 19 May 2013

Baby Milestones

I was so excited to post these baby milestones card here. One reason: they are too adorable to look at!

The fact that i have to wait for Clesia to reach those milestones and for the mother take a picture with it is making my nerves tingle...!

Finally she reached 4 Months old on the 15th of May, and here goes the picture in Instagram..take a look at her, a beautiful baby girl with 2 dimples !!!

 the card was 5 inch x 6 inch, and it never occurred to me that it's so big compared to her head until she posted this picture! it's so adorable how babies are so tiny ... hahah...

Check out the cards i made for her below !! it took me quite a while to wait for the pictures to upload, so i hope you'd be patient too..

 The tag on the top is for her to write the date ...
  I hope for Clesia's mum to put a picture of her crawling or wishes for her to reach the milestone on the frame. It is indeed a big step for a baby to be able to crawl... isnt it ???

The blank space flag is to keep a record of the date... =)  

it reminded me of my fav cartoon series "Kipper the dog" where the toddler pig Arnold can only say, "DUCK" hahahahhaha..


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