Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Helloooo besties,
Ok, so it's been 2 weeks + since my last post... I've been very busy, very ill and then tomorrow I'm going back to Indonesia for a week for Chinese New Year. To tell you the truth, I HAVE NO IDEA how to make CNY cards! lol... so dont expect CNY cards from me.. haha... 

So these are the cards I have made in these few weeks, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the Valentine cards I've made, I mean... I will only have 1 valentine right? hmmm.....

The first Valentine's day card.. Love the combination of the pattern paper, and the new flower die cut is AWESOME. But to tell you the truth, the following day, I tried to change the rope with a white rope, then it didnt turn out so nice, so I ink-ed the white rope to pink, then to black then it got me on my nerves, so I'm back to white rope. Then in the end I didn't like it, but i already stick the white rope with permanent adhesive.. so.. that's it... it's gone forever... luckily i have the picture before i ruined it. LOL.

Surprise! I borrowed a camera from Charmaine. See how great the details of these pictures are! And the best thing is that I don't have to EDIT the exposure and so on. It's awesome! Haha! Thanks Charmaine! I can totally see the difference between my pocket camera and her huge camera :p

So sweet, vintage, simple yet elegant card....... and yes, the rhinestone is sparkling.. haha!


This card took me many days to complete. It was worth the efforts because i love it!!!!! And thanks to Athalia, the green paper with a very unique texture is just so fun to work with. It gives a very contemporary and unusual look to the card. She bought the paper from Bali - it was made of pineapple's fibers!!!

A closer look. that's my handwriting... not so bad this time =D
Heart button ...<3

Next, this is a birthday card I made for Sasa, her birthday is coming up but I'll be in Indonesia by then. I just mailed this card today... 

I made the cupcakes by stamping them in different pattern papers (i think it was 10 different papers), cutting the top part and the bottom part, then mix the pattern and piecing them up... the one I love the most is the one with a ribbon on it :D the best combination
A closer look.....
Lastly, for today, I made this card for a friend who came back to Singapore from UK to give Singapore another chance. She'll stay in Singapore for 3 months but I haven't got the chance to meet her - probably after I come back from Indonesia. So I made this to welcome her back to Singapore. I hope she likes it. 
I really fall in love with the pressed flowers ! Federico bought them for me from Italy. They are so lovely and make the card more stand out and lively. Thanks Fede!!! I'm trying out to make a pressed flower in my office, i'll see what happen to it when i come back. LOL.
A closer look. You can see the pressed flowers are just soooo beautiful, right? Nothing compares to the touch of real flowers! LOVE IT!

Ok, that's all I have for now, have a great holiday y'all!


  1. I see a perfect bow there! :D

  2. i <3 the hot air balloons....and the cupcakes card =D

  3. Lucky guy... Lol.

    Thanks everyone.. Please continue your support !