Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hi Friends! Still having flu but i cant help making another cards with new stamp sets and new die!

 Stitching is definitely not one of my strengths, i was sweating all over just by doing this simple stitch ! -_-''. But i will keep practicing because stitch makes cards feminine and adds a touch of home and love feeling... u know,  like when ur mum/grandma stitch your torn clothes?

I have sooo much fun colouring this bunny. It's just sooo cute i want to pet it if it's alive! sigh!

I have so many different layouts drawn on my sketch for love cards. Keep checking back and thanks for visiting. Please comment and give suggestions =). 

My Friend suggested me to get a new camera to snap better pics, hmmm.. *thinking....and putting it in the wishlist, thanks geta!*
Karen suggested me to practice more with bow tying. Thanks K! 


  1. you did stitching? mannnn...v proud of u. It look good! :) buy GF3 from panasonic, very clear and light too!

  2. luv it luv it !
    waiting for ur v-day collection =D

    @karen: hi karen hhehehhe

  3. I love your cards. you should be working at hallmark or put up a chic crafts store :)